Join us on InvadedHG, a Server Partnership between and, brought to you by Skeppy and Badboyhalo

Choose your play style: Soup or GoldHG. Either way, last man standing wins!

Open HG Crates, activatable by Crate Keys. Available prizes:

  • HG kits (unowned), including a chance to win ALL HG kits.
  • HG tags (1 of a few exclusive tags)
  • up to 5 respawn passes
  • up to 5 vote boosters
  • up to 5 kit passes
  • up to 5 kit reroll passes
  • up to 5 crate keys

Unlock Achievements: 73 Achievements to earn. Each Achievement earns rewards towards Crate Keys! Earn rewards for:

  • playing games
  • killing other players, eg. 'getting the first kill'
  • surviving for certain length of time
  • winning games, eg. 'win 1 game'
  • other, eg. baking a cake!

Try your luck with one of our custom kits, randomly assigned per player, per game. Or better yet, secure your own by visiting the shop.


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